Why Is Naija Tech Products So Expensive?

Yes, I totally agree with you Naija Tech products are not cheap to buy, unlike any owning any solar system, power storage backup is too expensive.

After calculating the cost of building a single power bank and some few materials that I needed to import to build it;

E.g. Nigeria doesn’t produce a PCB Board or Storage Monitoring to protect and preserve your power bank from Overcharge and Discharge for long-term lasting and to get the best quality results.

The materials and other things needed to build a quality lasting Home Power Bank are not sold here in Nigeria, so they need to be imported.

The cost of shipping and with an increase in dollars;

That is the lowest price I can sell them for, compared to the values you’re getting.

Secondly, Naija Tech products are not on subscription, unlike other solar companies that charge you like the utility.

Naija Tech backup Storage is 10x better than any solar company out there because Naija Tech built it.

Other companies use dead deep cycle batteries; we build ours.

Our mission is to provide a low cost-effective, and constant power supply to Homes, Offices, Schools, Farms, etc.

So meaning after purchasing the product, (the solar panels and Home Power Bank) belong to you and yours Forever.

Thirdly, I have a little question for you;

How long do you plan on staying with your Utility company PHCN (Nepa)?

Forever, right?

And how much do you pay on utility subscriptions or PHCN (Nepa) bills?

I don’t need to answer that; please answer that for yourself.

Fourth Reason going for our product is better.

I’m pretty sure you have Generators in your homes, offices, even Large Generator Listers that consume a lot of diesel, right?

Okay, Let’s Do A Simple Math Calculation.


The average of a Nigeria with a Generator buys petrol (Fuel) not less than ₦1000, sometimes it might be ₦1,500 – ₦3000 every single day.

But for this little calculation, we’ll use an estimate of ₦1000.

So ₦1000 x 30days (1 month) you spend = ₦30,0000
In 183days (6 months) you are spending = ₦183,000
In 365 days (1 year) you aere spending = ₦365,000
In 1825day (5 years) you are spending = ₦1,825,000
In 3650days (10 years) you are spending = ₦3,650,000

This calculation is only for Petrol (Fuel) expenses; okay, that’s not all;
Also, calculate your subscription to the Utility company (PHCN) in 10 years.

Then your estimated expenses in 10years will be worth close to N1billion Naira without you knowing you’ve spent up to that amount.

Values you get from the product.

Two (2-years) guaranteed on Laptop or Home Power Bank.
Ten (10-years) lasting on solar panels.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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