Laptop Power Bank 256wH


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  • Battery : Lithium Iron Phosphate LifePO4
  • Type : Cylindrical
  • WattHour : 256wH
  • Voltage: 12.8v
  • Amperage : 80ah
  • DC to AC Converter (Inverter) : 500w
  • Two (2) DC Output Jacks : 19V & 12V Port for direct multiple phone charger.
  • Direct input charger: 1
  • 1 Car Sockets USB : 12V, 8A
  • 3 hours Direct Charge Time
  • DoD : 80%
  • Display: 1
  • Control Switch: 1
  • Solar charger input clamps kit: Customization request.
  • Output inverter clamps kit: Customization request.
  • Laptop Power Bank Life Cycle : 3000
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Best High-quality Laptop Power Bank proudly produced by Naija Tech Solar & Power Solution with a wattHour of 256wH, Amperage of 80amps and a Voltage of 12.8volts, that comes with 500watts Inverter.

This Laptop Power Bank is specially made to be used only for Laptops.

If you need customization to this power bank to run a few DC appliances, go to the contact page and request for customization.


Benefits The Power Bank Offers You?

1.) No Generator or electricity is needed to run your laptops for a longer period
2.) No Noise, unlike the generator.
3.) Significantly removes the cost of purchasing fuel.
4.) Uninterrupted Power Supply joined with solar panels (optional).
5.) Elimination of maintenance costs on a generator.
6.) No more disappointment of power supply when you needed it most.
7.) The Laptop Power Bank is easy to carry and great for outdoors.
8.) With Naija Tech Product, you have already replaced your Generator [Laptop Power Bank] or ban PHCN (NEPA) if you want, [Solar system].



Without Solar Panels, Generator or PHCN (NEPA) :

For Laptops rated for 40w, it can last up to 6-7hrs,
Note: For laptops that consume less capacity, the Laptop Power Bank will last more.

Customization Request:
E.g: Your 5-watt energy-saving Led bulb (3-bulb) lights will last up to 17hr,
While your 15-watt Led energy saving (3-bulb) light can last for 5-6hrs.
The 256wH Laptop Power Bank can power only your 32″inch Tv & Decoder rated for 85w for both for up to 3-4hrs
A (1) 52inch Fan with a wattage of 58watt can last up to 4-5hrs.

For Economic Use:
If your laptop battery is still healthy, you can be unplugging it from the Laptop Power Bank at full charge, and then unplug;
When the laptop is at a low percentage, you can plug it in again.

With this method, It can last more than 8-9 hours without Electricity, Generator, or Solar Panel.



Ways End-user Can Use The Product :

  • Only used for charging your Laptops and Phones.
  • Can be used for few home Appliances, Lights, TV, Fan, etc [Customization Request].
  • Laptop Power Bank can be charged and use with solar panels to power your A.C appliance all day (Customization Request).
  • Can be used to power your security energy-saving light bulbs at night (Customization Request).
  • Can be used to power your rechargeable gadgets.



What It Can Carry :

Specially made to charge Laptops and Phones.
Lights Bulb
Tv and Decoder (customization request)
Fan (customization request)
printers (small / medium size) (customization request)
Digital cameras
Bluetooth devices
All rechargeable devices,
Solar energy storage, etc.

Laptop Power Bank SPEC 256-wH

Battery type - Life PO4
Single B Volt - 3.2v
Single B Amps Rating - 20amp
Amperage Connection - 80amph
Watt Hour - 256wH
Voltage Potential - 12.8volts
Inverter 500 watts DC to AC Converter
DC Output 2 Port 12v for other Dc appliances
DC Output 1 Port 19v for Laptop
DC Output 1 Car USB Sockets for Phones
Charger input - 14vdc to 17.5vdc
Battery cycles - 3000 Cycles
Depth of Discharge 80% DoD
Controller Switch - 1
Battery Display Indicator - 1



Join Laptop Power Bank + (1) 80W Solar Panel :


Appliances It Can Carry;

Laptops & Phones
(2 DC) Energy Saving Light Bulbs
22”TV & Decoder
Dc Fans, etc for longer hours


Our Off-grid Solar System gives a power source to load connected to it; the more panels you have, the greater the voltage.

If your load is greater than the number of watts coming from the panels at the peak of the sun,
e.g. (early in the morning, cloudly, raining days), it will draw source from your Laptop Power Bank, and thus if the load is run for a longer period and power bank gets discharges, it will go off.

But if the load is lesser/stabilized than the Panels & Power Bank, it will use the main source from the solar panels, and the solar will also charge up the Laptop Power Bank.

All these can run without Electricity or a Generator.


Note: This is not a permanent price and will continue to increase.
For customers interested in solar systems, you should contact Naija Tech for recommendations based on the appliances you need to run, and for how many hours.


Interested - Reach OutContact: 08028925133.

Proudly Produced By: Naija Tech Solar & Power Solution Naija Tech Logo


To Learn More About Solar System.


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Laptop Power Bank 256wH
Laptop Power Bank 256wH


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