How To Identify A Quality Laptop Power Bank

How To Determine a Quality Laptop Power Bank Using The Capacity

With so many options in the market to choose from, how do you identify which laptop power bank will suit your needs?
Here are the few factors you need to consider when choosing a laptop power bank that will suit your needs.


How To Calculate A Laptop Power Bank, Using The Capacity:

Determining the quality of any power bank is the most tricky part when buying a Laptop power bank.
Most Power Banks are rated with different confusing electrical units such as; mAh, watt-hour, kilo-watthour, etc.

If you don’t understand these terms or research is not done properly, you will most likely end up buying a low-quality laptop power bank.
And if you’re a non-electrical engineer, you will most likely find these terms mAh, wH, kWh, output voltage, Amps confusing, as some manufacturers use these terms to trick users into buying their products.

So back to the article; how to identify a quality laptop power back.
On every side of any laptop power banks are written with different units;
One of the few basic things you need to understand is the Voltage, Amps, Milliampere, Watt-hour. 

If you could understand what these terms mean, it would be easy to calculate the battery capacity.
Here are the most electrical units you’re most likely going to find.

“V” symbol means the Voltage.
Understanding the voltage in simplest terms, think of it as Electrical Power.
“A” sign means the Amperes;
In simple terms, it means the Electrical Current.
“mAh” means is the milliampere; it is the total laptop battery current in thousand units.
“wH” means the watt-hour.
The watt-hour determines how long a laptop will last depending on the laptop wattage.


Now the watt-hour is the most important thing to focus on, as it’s easy to determine the quality of the power bank and how many hours it will last on your PC.
So, let’s say a laptop power bank is rated at 120,000mAh, 12.8v, 384wH, 30A.

How do you determine how many hours the laptop power bank will last on a constant discharging?

Here is a simple calculation.
First step :
Find out your laptop wattage; you can do this by Googling your laptop model first to figure out the wattage; For most Laptops are rated from 45-60watts.
Gaming laptops can consume up to 90-185watts.
So do this research first to figure out your exact laptop wattage.

Second step
Divide your laptop wattage by the watt-hour of the laptop power bank; this will give you how many hours the laptop power bank will last.

Practical example:
Let the Laptop wattage be 60W, and Laptop Power Bank be 384wH; find the hours?

Here is the Solution:
384wH/60w = 6.4h
That is to say 6hours, 4minutes.
Therefore the laptop power bank will last 4hours, 26Munites.


Other Method To Calculate A Laptop Power Bank Watt-hour?

Some laptop power bank manufacturers will not list the watt-hour, so in this case, all you have to do is multiply the Laptop power bank Voltage (V) by the Amps (A) will give you the Watt-hour.

Here is the practical example:
Let’s say the laptop power bank is rated at 12.8v, 20A, 80,000mAh without stating the watt-hour.
Here is how to get the watt-hour and determine how many hours it will last on your PC.

Multiple 12.8 x 20A is = 256wH;
Then dividing 256wH by your laptop wattage will give you how many hours the laptop power bank will last.

Note that the same calculation still applies to Phone power banks, power backup stations, etc.
All you have to do is figure out the total load watt and divide it by the Power backup station, which will give you the hours.


So in summary;
When buying a laptop power bank or trying to figure out how many hours it will last, try using the calculation above to get the power bank’s watt-hour;
And then divide the watt-hour by your laptop wattage, which will give you the hours.

If you didn’t see the watt-hour listed on the body of the laptop power bank;
Multiply the voltage by the amps.
I hope you really learn a lot here,

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thank you.


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