How To Calculate A Laptop Power Bank’s Watt-hour

How To Calculate A Laptop Power Bank’s Watt-hour

The local market and online stores are filled with millions of different laptop power banks produced by different brands and manufacturers, but identifying a quality laptop power bank is another story.ย 

The truth is, some people believe a power bank that costs you more money will likely last longer than those sold at cheaper rates; but the fact is, this is not always the truth.

Being able to calculate the capacity of any power bank will give you an idea of how many hours or how long it will last.
Sure so many manufacturers lie about the capacity of their power banks, and some tell you the truth, this article is not dedicated to that;
But knowing how to calculate a laptop power bank capacity or their watt-hour is crucial in identifying a quality power bank.

Steps To Calculate A Laptop Power Bank Capacity or watt-hour.

When trying to figure out a laptop power bank capacity;
Look around at the side of the laptop power bank, which will be listed with different units.
Don’t worry if you’re a non-electrical engineer; I will break it down in the simplest terms you will understand and follow up.

So, a few basic things to understand are the Voltage, Amps, Milliampere, Watt-hour.
If you could understand these terms, it would be easy to calculate the capacity of any Laptop power bank.
Here are the most electrical units you’re most likely going to find.

“V” symbol.
So when you see a number with the sign “V,” that is the voltage.
The voltage means the Electrical Power.

The “A” sign means the Amperes, so think of it as the Current when talking about the amperes.
The “mAh” means milliampere is the total battery current in a thousand units.

So now we have a basic understanding of these electrical units, let’s move on to how to calculate or how to convert it to a watt-hour.

Here Is A Simple Calculation.
Multiplying the laptop power bank voltage “V” by the Ampere “A” will give you the total watt-hour.

Here Is A Practical Example:
Let’s say a laptop power bank voltage is rated at 12.8V and the Amps at 15A.
To calculate or convert it to watt-hour;

Multiply 12.8v x 15A = 192watt-hour.
So, multiplying the Voltage by the Ampere will give you the watt-hour.


How To Determine How Many Watt-hours Will Last On Your PC Laptop.

The first few things you need to do is figure out your laptop wattage; you can use Google to search for your laptop watts using the laptop specs.
Then dividing the laptop power bank watt-hour by your laptop wattage will give you how many hours it will last.

Here Is A Simple Calculation:
For example, let’s say your laptop wattage is rated at 60 watts;
Then dividing the 192watt-hour or any number found on the laptop power bank by the watts will give you the hours.

Here Is A Practical Example:
Your Pc, 60watt รท 192watt-hour = 3.2h;
That is to say 3hours, 2minutes.

I hope you understood the calculation and found this article helpful; if you’re still confused about calculating or converting it to watt-hour, leave a comment down below.

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