About Naija Tech

Naija Tech is a Power Bank producer & Solar panel installation.

I am Elvis, the founder of Naija Tech. I moved into the technology industry because of the problems I’ve faced in the past.
There are a lot of problems to solve here in Nigeria, so I wanted to be a solution to the country’s power issue.

One of the greatest challenges of Nigeria is a steady Power supply, which is also affecting the country’s growth.
Although there is an option for Generators, I know a lot of people who hate the noise from the Gen; at least am one of them.

Another option for a steady power supply is Solar systems, which I think is one of the best options but due to lack of knowledge, people aren’t taking solar seriously.
Also, solar companies I’ve analyzed do a pretty bad job by offering low-quality services, which makes people think Solar is a scam.

Nigeria has one of the longest Sunset hours (Sunshine duration) more than other countries, but why people don’t care about Solar…?
Maybe due to lack of knowledge, maybe because of poor services of other solar companies, etc.

These are the motivation and passion that drive Naija Tech, and the differences I plan to make.

Naija Tech
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Naija Tech
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